Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mom's Birthday Present

Since I didn't have time to blog yesterday, I decided to do two blogs today. So here's a project I made in September. The pillow is 14" square. I used this tutorial and it was really easy. I've hesitated to make pillows because I hate hand-sewing to whipstitch the last seam closed, and was intimidated at the thought of putting in a zipper. It's not as hard as I thought. It could easily be made in one miraculously uninterrupted evening. I rarely get one of those so I think this took me 2 evenings and a nap time.

I made this for my mom for her birthday. Her middle name is Joy.

I used two separate fabrics - the solid pink and the pink, white, and yellow stripes.
The "joy" is hand embroidered.

The back

Hidden zipper

Hidden surprise sewn into the seam allowance - Happy Birthday!

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