Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn decoration

Five and I made this decoration for the house.

I was inspired by this post. She bought packages of silk leaves from the dollar store. I couldn't find any so I bought two different coloured garlands, one green, yellow and orange and the other orange and red. I cut them all off of the garlands, cut a slit in the centre, and Five helped me to string them on. He had a hard time figuring out how to get them on, but he was really good at knowing which one came next in the pattern. We're renting so I just knotted a loop in each end and taped it to the wall.

It hangs in the doorway between the front hall and living room.

I'm already thinking I'll cut up some snowflakes and make a winter version. Then maybe some red, pink, and white hearts for Valentine's day. It's so simple to do and only costed $3 ($1 for each garland and $1 for the ribbon - also from the dollar store)! Plus I've made a memory with Five. :) I'm hoping I can get him more involved if/when I make more of these.

Anna Q

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