Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Aaron's pants

I am sewing Aaron 2 pairs of pants out of the above materials. One will be camouflage with blue cuffs, and the other will be blue with camouflage cuffs. I will post pictures as it comes together.

I finished the first pair of pants last night, with the exception of the waistband elastic which I have to go buy today. I also cut out the second pair of pants.

Silly me, I cut out the second pair of pants before comparing the first to one of Aaron's other pair of pants to see how it would fit. They are about 1/2" shorter but I usually have to roll up Aaron's pants anyway. If they end up being too short (or as he grows taller), I'll remove the cuffs, sew on 1" more material (since the cuffs are about 1 1/4" wide), and put the cuffs back on. The cuffs will cover where I've sewn on the additional material.

July 14:
I pinned the elastic in last night and tried them on Aaron this morning. They fit perfectly, so I will be sewing the elastic in today, then they will be done! lol you can see the extra length of elastic hanging behind him in the close up picture. Don't tell dh that he was playing with his cell phone! ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Green Booties

I have completed one bootie and am halfway through the second one. I will update the pictures when they are both finished. They are size 12 months. Might not fit Aaron, but it's the largest size the pattern gave. I will give them to my nephew, Seth, if they don't fit.

Update: July 12 - I finished both booties. They are too small for Aaron, so I gave them to Seth and they fit him perfectly. I forgot to take a picture of both of them finished, but the 2nd was identical to the first, so you can imagine the pair :)