Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Knitting Room Cross-stitch

I found this pattern in Cross Country Stitching magazine, February 2009.

I get a kick out of using one crafting medium to show my love of another medium. This was perfect. It's a cross-stitched pattern all about knitting. There's others in the series too (sewing room is one that I remember). I may try to get some more of them.

I've really enjoyed this pattern. I usually cross-stitch while watching a movie I've seen many times before or listening to audiobooks. I love the colours and the "knitted" afghans and balls of yarn are cute. It'll be awhile yet until it's done. I tend to do more yarn and thread crafts during winter and more fabric crafts during summer, so I'll probably be working on it more steadily now that it's getting cold out.

Anna Q

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