Monday, November 08, 2010

Bib for One

I made this bib a couple of weeks ago. I used my own pattern, created specifically for my son. (You can buy bibs made from this pattern from my store on Facebook - just search "Joyful Journey Baby".) I think I got this jean fabric in the scrap bin at Fabricland. I get most of my fabric from there. The edges had a wonderful fringed look to them that inspired me.

Before sewing the bib together, I used a scrap to sew on a fake pocket. I decided against putting a real pocket on because I was concerned about it not getting clean enough if he stuffed bits of food or whatever else in there. So the pocket is sewn shut.

I usually sew the bibs right sides together, leaving a gap, turn it right side out, and topstitch. This time I just topstitched, wrong sides together, all the way around. I then threw the bib in the washer and dryer a few times (just kept throwing it back in everytime I did a load for a few loads) and it created the fringe that I love so much.

The sewing was so much easier than sewing, turning, and sewing again. Also, I think that because the denim is so thick, turning and topstitching would have left a very bulky seam allowance and would not have looked very good. I sewed one up in cotton flannel to see how it would behave in the wash, to see if it will work the same way and look nice or if it will just fall apart. I haven't washed that one yet so I'm still in anticipation of how it will turn out. I love this one though. It has heavy duty snaps (I don't like bibs with hook-and-loop tape. It sticks to everything in the washer and dryer).

I like how it turned out and I'll be on the lookout for more jean fabric on sale.

Anna Q

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