Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tidy Sewing Space

I organized my bedroom/sewing room tonight. I took pictures to remember it by, it won't stay this tidy for long!

I rolled all of my fabric and organized them loosely by type and colour. Children's prints on the right, flowers in the middle, stripes to the left of that, and reds/pinks to the far left. I previously had my fabric folded but read that it can break down the fabric along the creases. I also couldn't see all of the fabrics as well and had to pick through my whole stash. I can now see all of my fabrics at once and can easily pick which one I want to use.

The mesh cubbyholes used to be on top of the "dresser" with some blankets and batting on top of all of that. It had only 1" between the top of the pile and my ceiling. It's more accessible and probably less dangerous now. In front of the dresser is my quilting hoop stand. The hoop is under the dresser where H can't step on it!

My tidy sewing/computer desk. To the left is the right side of our bed and bedside table. To the right you can see out the bedroom door to the living room and the mess out there. d'oh. The yellow thing under my laptop is a placemat. It protects my cutting mat from the rubber grips on the bottom of my cooling mat for my laptop which leave little black circles everywhere. Oh, and the La Senza bag holds small patterns.

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Lady of Port said...

I love it when things are tidy and organized - I feel so accomplished! And I love cleaning and organizing - call me crazy but its true - probably because its so rewarding!

Looks great Anna, congrats on your tidy spaces!