Sunday, December 05, 2010

Skirt is done!

Skirt is finished and marked and I got 20/20! Woohoo! She said she tried to pick on it, to find something wrong and couldn't. I'm so happy. I put SO much work into it.

 She was really impressed with the name tag I'd put on it. It's an iron-on label from Fabricland.

Muslin shirt is finished. It's very plain and, as I'd thought, too big. There are some pleats in the sleeve, which isn't good. It's supposed to be totally smooth. So instead of using the no-thread method (described in the previous post) of sewing the sleeve to the armhole, I'll use gathering stitches for the real shirt. It allows for better control of exactly where the fabric goes, and helps to prevent unwanted folds. It does take more time which is why I prefer the other way, but I think it's necessary for this project.

Darts in the front

Back with a keyhole slit
 Below is the shirt I will hand in. So far I have completed:
  • cut out everything
  • fused neckline facing
  • sewn darts
  • serged all edges except where the necklines are sewn together
  • sewn back centre seam
  • sewn front to back at shoulders and sides
  • sewn neckline facing pieces together

 I still need to:
  • attach neckline facing
  • sew sleeves on 
  • attach a hook at the top of the keyhole opening
  • sew the bottom hem
Close-up of fabric
I also handed in several samples (neckline facing, set in sleeve, released darts, and pleats - all of which I got perfect scores on) and was assigned two more (round pockets and square pockets). She lets us do the samples over again until we are satisfied with our mark so, thanks to persistence, I have pretty good marks on all of them. There's one I got back yesterday that I got 7/10 so I'll be redoing that one. I know why - I rushed it, trying to get it done inside of class time. I'll take my time and do it right (hopefully).

I tried to stay late last night but they closed the sewing lab at 5pm. I need to finish the rest of the shirt before 1pm next Saturday and it has to be done on the school's sewing machines. So I need to figure out when I can go in to get that done. For now, I'm kinda burned out on sewing so I probably won't sew at all today. Tomorrow, while Five is at school and One is napping, I'll try to get the samples done.

Oh, and I found my camera :D It was in the bottom of my purse the whole time!

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